We use the HVLP Process to paint wood, to maintain a smooth painted finish without brush and roller marks. We paint cabinet doors, walls, trim, etc. If you need a Specialty Finish, let us provide you with a sample.


Reasons to Consider HVLP Process over Brush and Roller

  • Our painted finish will be as smooth as the surface from factory.
  • We can provide Unique Specialty Finishes with Scuffmaster paint.

Whats Included

  • Items can be delivered to us, or done on site. We mask anything on the item itself that does not get painted.
  • Next, we sand and remove anything causing surface imperfections. This includes tape, plaster, glue, wax, etc.
  • Following the masking and sanding process, all wood items are thoroughly cleaned to remove any oils and dirt.
  • We apply a primer, with the HVLP Process, which is used to create a surface suitable for paint adhesion.
  • When the item is ready to paint, we use the HVLP Process, and we cover your item with the highest quality paint available. (We can also spray Scuffmaster paint at an additional charge.)
  • We allow for a short dry-to-touch time, and unmask the item. We garuntee that no mess or overspray will be left behind when we finish the job.

For information about the quality of our paint and drying times, we use Urethane Paint, for well venthilated areas and outdoors. If the item is painted, indoors with little venthilation, an Enamel Paint is used, in accordance with federal regulations.

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