Because fiberglass is not an electromagnetic conductor, we use the HVLP Painting Process to refinish this type of surface. We refinish fiberglass bathtubs, shower enclosures, motorcycle fairings, trailers, etc.


Whats Included

  • We work on-site, so we start by masking the area we are working in and around. We also mask anything on the item itself that does not get painted.
  • Next, we sand and remove anything causing surface imperfections. This includes tape, glue, stickers, etc. (We can fix exterior damage with bondo at an additional charge.)
  • Following the masking and sanding process, all fiberglass items are thoroughly cleaned to remove any oils and dirt.
  • After the surface is thoroughly cleaned, a tack rag is used to remove any lint or fibers left on the surface, to achieve the smoothest finish possible.
  • When the item is ready to paint, the HVLP Process begins. Several coats of paint are applied.
  • Fiberglass refinishing will have a longer drying time, so the item should be left masked off. It is the owners responsibility to remove the tape and paper the following morning.

For information about the quality of our paint and drying times, we use Urethane Paint on all fiberglass items.


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