We use the Electrostatic Painting Process for metal appliances, and the HVLP Process for anything plastic or non-metallic.


Reasons to Consider Refinishing

  • The cost to refinish is significantly less than replacing.
  • We can fix scratches on appliances by refinishing them.
  • Our finish is garunteed to last years without physical abuse. We provide a 3 year warranty, but are confident it will outlast that.
  • Upon request, we have many references available.
  • Although black and white are the most frequent colors chosen, we can paint any color, so you're not confined to factory limitations.
  • It's not inconvenient, all work is done on-site and the appliance is ready to be used the following morning.

For information about the quality of our paint and drying times, we use Urethane Paint, for well venthilated areas and outdoors. If the item is painted, indoors with little venthilation, an Enamel Paint is used, in accordance with federal regulations.

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